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 Заголовок сообщения: * What are the challenges in the role?
СообщениеДобавлено: 12 июн 2019, 04:38 
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2) Relax

Do your best to relax; ensure you arrive early so you're not flustered before your interview begins. Remind yourself that you are good enough to be there (well done for the resume). Focus on your breathing to relax and remember that the person interviewing you wants you to be comfortable as it assists you to present yourself at your best.

3) Present yourself well

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4) Practise

Spend time practising how you will answer questions such as:

* Tell me about yourself
* Why do you want to work in this industry?
* What are your best qualities?
* Explain a situation in which you excelled
* Explain a situation when you overcame a workplace problem
* What can you bring to the role?
* What do you offer that others may not?
* What do you do when you're not working?

5) Take your time

Sometimes our nerves can get the better of us Cheap Nike Air Max Typha Australia , so try and relax. You don't have to rush. We recommend that you take your time to think about what you've been asked and how best to answer. It is likely you will be asked questions you haven't practised; don't let that throw you. Keep in mind that answers don't always have to relate to work; think about situations socially (organising a group holiday, for example), or those to do with clubs you're a member of (planning a fundraising event Cheap Nike Air Max 120 Australia , organising the team to work together better).

6) Ask questions

Be ready to ask questions; it's likely you'll be asked if you have any at the end of the interview (you can ask questions throughout as well). Think about what you would like to know before the interview.

Examples of questions you might like to ask could include:

* What are the challenges in the role?
* Why is the role available?
* What are the current major projects?
* How many people are in the team?
* What is the recruitment process and when will I hear from you?

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Send a thank you email to the person who interviewed you. Thank them for their time and the opportunity. Let them know you're excited about the opportunity and you're looking forward to hearing from them.

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