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When police tried to contact her on her cell phone they were met with silence.It’s been a week now since Glenys disappeared and investigators are still awaiting the advice of the DPP.Should they be advised to charge Glenys, several questions are bound to be asked to which there could be some very interesting answers.One question that is bound to be asked is whether or not Glenys’ husband was a part of her scheme, given the way things had played out. For one, he was fully aware that Avril was ‘loaded’ since she had been providing him with gifts throughout their secret relationship.Avril on her part does not want to believe that she had been set up by her secret lover. But she had learnt a very hard lesson. Don’t mess around with another woman’s husband, especially when you have your own. For now she and her husband have temporarily reconciled since they both have one thing in common – they were both victims of Glenys’ schemes. Look out for episode two!

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