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O' Neal, who earlier this week was named sports envoy to Cuba by U.S. President Barack Obama, offered young players tips and new techniques to develop in the future.

""We share a lot in common and we wanted to come here to extend our friendly hand and start moving things on between both nations,"" the seven-foot one-inch basketball hall of famer told reporters as he arrived at the clinic in Havana.

The 15-time National Basketball Association (NBA) all-star, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat, among other teams, before retiring in 2011, spent around two hours with Cuban youth as part of the U.S. State Department's ""people-to-people program.""

""Shaq"", as he is affectionately known to fans, said he was in favor of Obama's decision to restore ties with Cuba after half a century of animosity.

""It was great for the president to reopen the door and reestablish a better relationship with this beautiful island,"" he said.

O' Neal stressed that through sports any two countries can come together for good causes and help each other to strengthen political relations.

For the U.S. it was an opportunity to reach out to Cuba's youth, while for the young participants, it was a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best players in the history of the game.

""His presence here brings us a lot of joy, because we can learn more about basketball techniques from all the experience he has,"" Jordan Davis, a young Cuban player, told Xinhua.

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